The commander of the Syrian rebels ate the heart and liver enemy

commander of the rebel ‘Brigades, Omar al-Faruq,” Abu Sakkar starred in the video that triggered widespread condemnation from various international organizations.

According to The Forign Policy, for the record shows Abu Sakkar cuts from the defeated government army soldier’s heart and liver, and then eats them.

their actions by insurgent commented as follows:” By Allah, we withstood of you and your heart eat them. You – the dogs! God is great! “. However, he advises his colleagues, fighting against government forces in Homs, to follow his example and eat the heart and liver enemies.

According to CNN, the act of cannibalism by Abu Saqqara was recorded on video a few weeks ago. As the friend of a rebel, his actions could be caused by the fact that the government troops were killed, expelled from their homes and thrown in jail most of his relatives.

to the publication, Abu Sakkar previously fought in the ranks of the largest rebel organization in Homs , but was later expelled from there and organized his own division, leading the battle for the strategically important town of Quseir, located on the border with Lebanon.

Despite the defeat of the rebels on many fronts in the south and west of Syria, Quseir is still under control of armed opposition forces of Bashar al-Assad and the fighters of the movement “Hezbollah” can never recapture the city, reports Lenta.ru.

In recent months, the conflict in Syria acquired the characteristics of a religious war: many Sunni insurgents claim that never accept the presence on its soil fellow president – Alawite, which promises total annihilation. In response to this from the areas where the Alawites make up the majority of mass expelled Sunnis suspected of sympathizing with the rebellion.

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